If you’ve been keeping up with online casino news at any time this year, you’ve probably noticed that new online casinos nearly always appear on the market every two weeks or so. And as you would guess, it’s getting tougher and harder to keep up with all of these operators, especially if you’re a single Kiwi gambler. Exycasinos was established as a result. We are a ragtag group of authors, business insiders, and gambling specialists that came together to accomplish a single goal: to track down and evaluate the best brand-new gaming opportunities and new casino sites in New Zealand.

Playing at New Online Casinos in New Zealand

Simply follow the four easy steps listed below to get started playing at new NZ online casinos, and you’ll be playing your favorite games in no time!

  1. Locate a fresh online casino.
    You won’t have to go very far to find the site (or sites) that appeal to you thanks to our database of casino reviews right here at Exycasinos.
  2. Create a user account.
    You may establish an account on the website if you like what you see of the online casino.
  3. Make a deposit and get your bonus.
    You must make at least one deposit into your new casino account unless the casino provides a no-deposit bonus. The majority of the casino’s deposit bonuses may also be used in conjunction with this.
  4. Sign up and start having fun!
    You may immediately begin playing the new online casino’s games once the money has been received (which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes or even seconds).

Why Play at Brand New Online Casinos?

If you’re new to real money gambling sites, you might be tempted to remain with the more established NZ online casinos on the market—the ones that have undergone years of user scrutiny and have been improved upon. But brand-new online casino operators have evolved a number of sly strategies that have enabled them to distinguish themselves and merit your attention over the tried-and-true names. More information about this will be provided in the sections that follow.

New Concepts

Many of the biggest brands in the industry, which have been established and honed over many years in the sector, control a sizable portion of the worldwide online casino market. Because of this, brand-new online casinos have had to go outside the box and develop novel concepts to draw in new customers. The website offers a wide range of gamification options designed to promote frequent play and purchases, like:

  • Comprehensive method for points shop accomplishments
  • Players may spend their points to purchase bonuses and free spins.
  • Leveling mechanism to enable VIP benefits.

Attractive Bonuses

The casino welcome bonus that new online casinos give is one of the key areas where they may excel. All of the well-known businesses provide bonuses that Kiwi gamers may regard to be of pretty average worth due to their more deliberate efforts to improve their already robust casino gaming experiences. While this is going on, new casino sites are more inclined to provide larger and more attractive incentives, even at the expense of the casino, in order to draw in as many new players as possible. To put things in perspective, no deposit welcome bonuses are extremely uncommon at larger casinos because they lose their main function of making up for their original expense. Even while wagering restrictions may occasionally be present, a player may still be able to win and withdraw their earnings without ever making a deposit.

Bitcoin adoption

In New Zealand and other countries, mobile-based online casinos were at the forefront of online gambling technology around ten years ago. But during the past few years, owing to cutting-edge techniques that make mobile development quicker and simpler, all contemporary online casino sites have been able to accommodate mobile customers. In New Zealand, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have become the hottest topics in online gambling.

However, unlike mobile casinos, many of the bigger companies have been reluctant to make the switch due to the relative difficulty of integrating something like a bitcoin online casino into an established payment and gaming infrastructure. Of course, new online casinos continue to attempt despite this.

Why Prefer Old Casino Websites for New Casinos?

As we have already seen, there are a lot of benefits that modern online casinos provide. However, there are reasons why many Kiwi gamblers stick with well-known names and the straightforwardly endorsed; we shall discuss some of them below.

Greater Credibility

The most important factor while looking for a new casino website is reputation. We Kiwi gamblers want to play at a reputable casino that we know will retain our hard-earned money securely and fairly above all else—yes, even above the games. This is just not conceivable with an online casino site that has been operating for a year or two, if not only a few months, for the obvious reasons.

Stronger Payments

The variety, dependability, and speed of the payment methods that more established firms have on board provide them an additional edge over new websites. Casino payments or cryptocurrencies may not be accepted by your regular online casinos. However, compared to younger casinos that might not even support the payment method you’re used to, these sites provide you a lot more peace of mind when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals.

Which One Should You Pick?

As a result of all we’ve discussed thus far, we reach the always significant inquiry: are new online casinos better? As depressing as it may sound, the quick answer is that it depends on your own preferences. In the end, whether a casino is new or old doesn’t really matter when choosing the NZ online casino that is perfect for you. What counts are the site’s real offerings, including any bonuses, games, features, licenses, and other minor specifics that matter to Kiwi gamblers.

Last Words on New Online Pokies

Although there are many new online casinos in New Zealand, the occasional rare gem is nonetheless produced by the constant flood of new sites. To get you started on your hunt for the top new websites in New Zealand, go through our ever-expanding selection of online casinos.